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Communal health

Believe. Expectation. Reality.

DDS has launched a communal health program through which basic health awareness 

will be given to young people. That includes cancer awareness, reproductive, mental and phycological health.

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Welcome to DD Society

Development Dimensions Society (DDS) is an non-governmental organization formed by some committed motivated young .......

development  professionals in 2006. These passionate people took the social development of youth, women and children as their enduring social commitment. However, as it name implies research is the backbone of all the development initiatives for broadening the learning base and sharing the experiences and knowledge gained with many others alike..

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Democrecy, Transprancy 
& Governance

In Pakistan local government system is protected by the contitution & each province has its own local government legislation & ministries responsible for implimentation.

Quality Education
for every child

Article 25-A of the Pakistan consitution states that " The state shall provide free & compulsry education to all children of the age of five to sixteen years".

Know your Human Rights/
Interfaith Dialogue

Constitution of Pakistan provides for fundamental rights which includes freedom of speach, freedom of religion, freedom of association.

Communal Health

DDS has launch a communal health awareness program for young people that includes concer awarness, community hygine, reproductive and mental health.

Youth/ Woment Empowerment

An empowered young person recorgnized their worth and capabilities and have the courage to take chances in life without fear of failing and give up struggling for success.

Policy and Advocacy 

DDS believes in the process of using the informtion strategically to change policies that affect the lifes of deprived and disadvantaged people and to create awarness of rights.

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